Money Management and Investment

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Money Management and Investment

If you are not doing good with your analysis and risk management , and you get nervous during your trading , maybe doing just money management help you to earn better, Here i give you some advise to better you manage your money and invest better.

One of the mostly used tools in the market is account management with traders who are doing good but how we suppose to know who is the better choice for us to invest. Trading resume give you the insight to decide, but what kind of parameters should we consider to get a better result. Combination of monthly profit and their draw down is one of the best ways to analyze a trader. For instance , if a trader make 100% per month and have draw down more than 50% , it consider as a high risk trader, and on the other hand , if a trader make 20% per month and have draw down less than 10% consider as a low risk trader.

Now we know high risk and low risk traders how can we decide to manage our money? as an investor the most important point is to protect our capital itself. if you lose your money you are not an investor.

I already introduce you a great tool in FXTM website, FXTM invest is the best tool i have ever seen in the market to help you manage your money, the following videos will help you to get to know it better , just open the links in your Telegram application.

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Best way to use strategy manager accounts as an investor is to find some low risk and high risk managers, and invest properly on them. for example , if you have 1000$ better to divided into four 100$ share and three 200$ share, invest the 100$ shares on high risk strategy managers and invest 200$ shares on low risk strategy managers. By doing this , you dedicate 40% of your account to 4 high risk managers and 60% of your account to three low risk managers. that would be a good combination to take profit out of the market with lower risk. you can also use other combinations like 30% – 70% , or even 20% -80% , to manage wiser.

you can also put stop loss for each strategy  manager you have , by percent of draw down , for example 20% or 30% draw down for low risk managers, and 40% or 50% draw down for high risk managers, I check this way of investment for a month , that makes me over all of ۲۵% for a month on my total investment and I think its good idea to do this for a little part of your money that you afford to lose.


“let’s do some calculation , if you can make 25% profit with this method and you just invest 1000$ what will happened after a year? after 12 months of trading you will have 14,551$ if you don’t withdraw anything during the investment and also invest your profit too. if you continue this method for another year you can have over 200,000$ , just do the calculation yourself , this is the way that rich people getting richer, not very complicated.”


you can also see my online resume as strategy manager on FXTM, i just join them shortly but doing good. as you know I’m a swing trader and consider myself as a low risk trader. you just need to find my name Hermya_com in the FXTM invest search area and take look at my resume and also decide to invest or not.

if you already  a good trader open your strategy manager account and send me your name after i check your account i can introduce you on my Telegram channel for people to follow your trades and you can Earn great deal of money out of it.

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