HERMYA FX Master’s League

Group F – H4 Swing Trading Signals
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HERMYA FX Master’s League Rewards

✅ #۱               ۱۰,۰۰۰ $ 💰 (The Champion)

✅ #۲                ۵,۰۰۰ $ 💰

✅ #۳                ۱,۰۰۰ $💰

✅ #۴ to #10     ۲۰۰$💰

League entrance conditions

✅ Open your competition account with my link :


Mt4 fixed, 1:200 leverage.

✅ Ranking depends on profit in percentage (higher is the winner) and you can make it with minimum deposit.

✅ You should trade at least 20 lots , by the end of March 10th.

✅ Minimum deposit is 300$, maximum deposit not limited if you want to manage your risk to meet the LOT size target.

✅ You can charge your account if you loose and start over.

✅ tournament will start at September 20th to March 10th, you can open your account now and start trading but the match will start at the exact time.

✅ We introduce first 10 leaders every week.

✅ Obviously you can keep your own capital and whatever profit you make.

✅ You can Join my especial members channel for free and use my cheat sheet for better Trading.

✅ first 10 Leaders profile will be published in the channel for everyone to see the process.

✅ Never underestimate your abilities try your chance.

✅ If you have any friends who can win the game add them to the channel by sending this massage.

Keep asking about the Ranking system

When you open your account with Fibogroup:


 they will send you 2 type of username & password , one is for Trading in meta trader, the other called investor desk, you should put that investor desk username and password in a forexfactory.com account, as a trade explorer, they will show us your trades and the percentage you trade and we share it on the channel, so every body could see your ranking, and that will prevent any kind of cheating. If you got any questions please feel free to Ask t.me/hermyaaa

If you are Trading worth to take your best shot, and try it, you have your account and your profit, so take your chance for winning the reward

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