Group F – H4 Swing Trading Signals

Group E – H4 Swing Trading Signals
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HERMYA FX Master’s League
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Note 1 : I use New York close charts so that each 24-hour period closes at 5 pm EST.

Click here to get access to the same charts I use.

Note ۲ : To know my preferred group for trading, you should open a real account with my broker.

Group F – H4 Swing Trading Signals


TIP 1 :  Every 20,000$ just trade 1 standard lot, for example if you got 200$ you should trade 0.01 lot.

TIP 2 : This may take a week to happen I’m not trading daily.

TIP 3 : Maybe I send so many signals during the week please manage your risk and don’t take too much correlated pairs.

TIP 4 : you just allowed to trade one group , and you can trade all 3 pairs in the group at the same time but you should consider TIP 1 as your main risk management rule.


NZDUSD Technical Analysis


  • Short @ 0.6669

  • Take Profit @ 0.6608

  • Stop Lose @ 0.6730


Signal Strength : HIGH


CADJPY Technical Analysis

  • Long @ 84.97

  • Take Profit @ 85.60

  • Stop Lose @ 84.60


Signal Strength : MEDIUM

GBPNZD Technical Analysis

  • Long @1.9293

  • Take Profit @ 1.9420

  • Stop Lose @ 1.9220


Signal Strength : MEDIUM

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If you want to earn money from Forex but you don’t have any, I recommend you to be a PAMM AGENT.

There is a broker, investors, Pamm agent, account manager :

Broker :

Broker is in charge of calculating shares and profits that is completely automatic and they do it in your profile.

Investors :

are people who brings money, and take 70% of the profit.

Account Manager :

who trade with the total capital and take 25% of profit.


takes 5% of profit without investment just by connecting investors to account manager.

For example if you bring investors with total capital around 10,000$ I make 5000$ profit in a month, and you get 250$ per month until they work with me, this is a lifetime guaranteed earning for you, and the broker will pay you your share by charging your account. Minimum capital for investing is 300$, and I make 30% to 50% profit per month. This is a lifetime earning and as far as investors take profit they might increase their investment so you can earn more.

 Here is my trading resume:


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