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Send me a text message on my Telegram ID to start training with the following link : I will send you lessons including PDFs and videos , when you study the lessons we practice together. (if you can't send me a message on my Telegram ID save my number +989125783774)

Free Trading Signals

I update my weekly forecast every Sunday before market opens, and broadcast my daily updates on my Telegram channel.


You can learn my profitable trading strategy and earn 30% - 50% per month, avoid losing by correct risk management.

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Daily Setups

Why to choose me?

I'm going to teach price action strategy that really works and make you profitable. Mentoring until you make a decent trader of your own.

My method never lose and you can check my investors desk here.

Swing trading strategy for long term winning.

Complete mentoring and Problem solving method.

Weekly analysis for more than 20 pairs.

Perfect risk management.

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